Stops CPAP Sleep Interruptions!

Helps You Sleep Better
  • Great for Back and Side Sleepers
  • Prevents CPAP Mask Shifting
  • Reduces Sleep Interruptions

Sleep Doctor Developed
  • Provides Optimal Support
  • 100% Breathable Plush Memory Foam
  • Easily Washable Custom Pillow Cover
Elevated sides decreases neck strain and increases support 

High quality ventilated design stay cool and moisture free

Memory Core
Dual foam layers provide ideal spinal alignment 
"I am sleeping better, thanks to the Kakar Pillow. I thought I was sleeping better with CPAP, but when I started using the Kakar Pillow, I started sleeping even better!"
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The Kakar Pillow Advantage
With its innovative design by one of the world’s leading sleep scientists, the Kakar Pillow was created for the large majority of sleepers who sleep on their back and sides. Dr. Raj Kakar, MD, MPH, one of the world’s foremost Sleep Health doctors and the Medical Director for both Dallas Sleep and Snoring & Fatigue Center, dreamed up the revolutionary idea of the Kakar Pillow. 

Dr. Kakar found that the majority of his patients were having difficulty finding the right pillow. And after much thought, he developed the groundbreaking Kakar Pillow!
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 10 reviews
 by William Swanson on Kakar Pillow
Wonderful Pillow

Since my wife was out of town for a few days and did not take her Kakar Pillow with her, I decided to try it. My experience with the Kakar Pillow is that I do not awaken during the night, have more restful sleep, and am more refreshed in the morning. The Kakar pillow is the most comfortable and best supportive pillow I have ever experienced. My BiPAP mask stays on better (perhaps I'm not tossing and turning?) whether I'm sleeping on my back or my side. After my experience I bought one for myself. I love my Kakar pillow and recommend it to others.

Traditional pillows can push CPAP masks out of place, causing noisy air leaks and discomfort. The same shape that makes the Kakar Pillow ideal for side and back sleepers also puts these common CPAP issues to bed. The low center provides ample space for air hoses and keeps face masks in place.

Is The Kakar Pillow For Me?
The Kakar Pillow is for anyone! There are lots of different kinds of pillows out there; side sleeper pillows, back sleeper pillows, and pillows made of every kind of material! 

But if you want a pillow that does it all, that's a lot tougher to find. The fact is, most of us aren't just "side sleepers" or "back sleepers" at all. The majority of people switch positions at night, and Dr. Kakar wanted to make sure all of them could get a good night's rest.
The Kakar Pillow is also a major boon for patients who use a CPAP machine to treat their Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Sleeping with a CPAP machine isn't always the easiest transition to make, especially as you navigate hoses and mask shape. As all CPAP users know, when sleeping on your side with a CPAP mask, your pillow often pushes your mask out of place. This leads to mask air leaks and disruptive noise.

But the Kakar Pillow prevents displacement of your CPAP mask. It's shaped specifically to provide ample space for your mask and hose and reduce mask air leaks, better than ever! Say goodbye to your spouse elbowing you during the night to "fix your mask"!
"I am bad and stopped using my machine a few years ago. That face mask was terrible and I had a hard time breathing let alone sleeping. I have tried your pillow out and found it better than a traditional pillow. Easier on my neck as I like to sleep on my back."
~ Alma G
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Why Is The Kakar Pillow So Effective?
The Kakar Pillow is a revolutionary innovation designed to improve sleep! The pillow’s center is lower, so it reduces neck strain for back sleepers. The sides are slightly higher, which provides an increased level of support for side sleepers. The correct amount of pillow support based on body position is very important for good neck and body placement and healthy spinal alignment.

Many people have a tendency to change between back and side sleeping positions during the night. The Kakar Pillow is the perfect solution for this problem! It provides the optimal amount of support no matter which position you're sleeping in! Plus the cool, ventilated memory foam keeps you cool throughout the night!
Unique Pillow Shape
The biggest difference from a traditional pillow is the unique shape. It allows you to shift between positions at night, offering support and keeping your neck and spine aligned comfortably so you wake without aches and pains.
Quality Dual Density Material
Then there's the material of the Kakar Pillow. The dual-density memory foam that makes up the base and shape of the Kakar Pillow make it soft and comfortable without sacrificing firm support. And because memory foam is designed to retain its original shape, your pillow won't flatten or deflate over time.
"I love the Kakar Pillow! It's so comfortable, and my CPAP mask stayed in place all night!"
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While we are very encouraged by the positive response from our customers about the Kakar Pillow, we do understand that it may not be for everyone. In these unfortunate cases, we are more than happy to offer a full refund of your purchase (less shipping and handling) if returned within 60 days of the initial purchase. Please see our Guarantee page for complete details.