Who is The Kakar Pillow For?
The Kakar Pillow is for anyone! There are lots of different kinds of pillows out there; side sleeper pillows, back sleeper pillows, and pillows made of every kind of material! But if you want a pillow that does it all, that's a little tougher to find. The fact is, most of us aren't just "side sleepers" or "back sleepers" at all. The majority of people switch positions at night, and Dr. Kakar wanted to make sure all of them could get a good night's rest.

The Kakar Pillow is also a major boon for patients who use a CPAP machine to treat their Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Sleeping with a CPAP machine isn't always the easiest transition to make, especially as you navigate hoses and mask shape. The Kakar Pillow makes that much easier -- it's shaped specifically to provide ample space for your mask and hose and reduce mask air leaks.

How is The Kakar Pillow Different From Other Pillows?
The biggest difference is the Kakr Pillow's unique shape. It allows you to shift between positions at night, offering support and keeping your neck and spine aligned comfortably so you wake without aches and pains.

Then there's the material of the Kakar Pillow. The dual-density memory foam that makes up the base and shape of the Kakar Pillow make it soft and comfortable without sacrificing firm support. And because memory foam is designed to retain its original shape, your pillow won't flatten or deflate over time.

Can I Use a Pillow Case For The Kakar Pillow?
Yes! The Kakar Pillow was designed to fit standard pillow cases. Using a pillow case can also keep your Kakar Pillow looking as new and inviting as it was on the first day.

How Do I Care For My Kakar Pillow?
Cleaning should be limited to spot cleaning with water. For best results, we recommend you use an anti-allergen waterproof pillow protector for your pillow. A standard pillow case will fit over the anti-allergen waterproof pillow protector and the Kakar Pillow.

Do I Have To Use a CPAP Machine To Benefit From The Kakar Pillow?
Not at all! While the shape of the Kakar Pillow can help CPAP users get more comfortable, it's truly a pillow for everyone. Take yours home today and see for yourself why the Kakar Pillow is the pillow of your dreams.