“I am bad and stopped using my machine a few years ago. That face mask was terrible and I had a hard time breathing let alone sleeping. I have tried your pillow out and found it better than a traditional pillow. Easier on my neck as I like to sleep on my back."

~ Alma G

“Good Night, Pillow: Doctors at Dallas Sleep develop “Ultimate Pillow” for troubled sleepers.

Research of the past few years has revealed that sleep is one of the cornerstones of good health, along with healthy eating and exercise. If sleep is the cornerstone, the pillow is the foundation, and Dr. Raj Kakar of the Dallas Center of Sleep Disorders in Plano developed the ultimate pillow for troubled sleepers."
~ PlanoStarCourier

“The foam is supportive but not too soft or hard. The design is the best for side sleepers of any pillow I have tried."
~ A.B.

“I like this pillow – it’s comfortable and doesn’t make me sweat."
~ G.L.

“Comfortable all night!"
~ C.S.

“Great pillow, thanks."
~ T.N.

"With The Kakar Pillow, my mask didn’t shift or leak. I slept better all night long!"

"I love the Kakar Pillow! It's so comfortable, and my CPAP mask stayed in place all night!"

"I am sleeping better, thanks to the Kakar Pillow. I thought I was sleeping better with CPAP, but when I started using the Kakar Pillow, I started sleeping even better!"